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Search for big diamonds while avoiding the police in this great action and adventure game

Search for big diamonds while avoiding the police in this great action and adventure game

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Program license: Free

Program by: Kiloo

Version: 3.7.0

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Subway Surfers builds off of the established formula of the endless runner genre and partners it with a bright and appealing urban art style. While this isn't a game brimming with new innovations, it gets more right than it does wrong, and that makes it one of the most solid entries in this popular game genre. And once you dig beneath the surface of the game, you'll discover a few neat tweaks on the genre that turn it into something unique, if eminently familiar.

The debts owed to popular game Temple Runner are obvious from the moment you open the app. The game takes place in an over the back perspective that asks you to guide your character past a number of increasingly challenging obstacles. Your character runs automatically, and gameplay mostly breaks down to swiping them between the three available lanes and jumping over obstacles that can't otherwise be avoided. But the difference between an adequate player and a great one comes down to those who can not just avoid obstacles but also collect as many of the coins on the screen as possible. They're often positioned in the most dangerous paths of the level, forcing you to weigh the safety of clear lanes against the reward of collecting more coins.

These coins aren't just cosmetic either. And while the levels are endless and randomly designed, these coins add a system of progression to the experience. The courses are littered with collectible power ups as well, and these can be upgraded outside of the levels permanently through the expenditure of coins. This may seem like a minor addition, but these upgrades can make a big difference in trying to survive, and there's something addictive about the process of upgrading your powers in an attempt to improve your odds of beating your high score. The variety on offer here is also one of the principle ways that Subway Surfer distinguishes itself from the competition. All of the power ups here are cute and well designed, but the real standout is the jetpack and the hover board which add a whole new strategy to ow you play. Coins can also be used to buy new characters and cosmetic accessories, but Subway Surfers is refreshingly low pressure in their approach to in app purchases.

Subway Surfers is a game with a lot of personality. While the subway tunnels can become repetitive eventually, the variety of options, the distinct looks of the lead characters and the chipper and colorful art direction goes a long way towards lending this game its own identity. While it doesn't do a lot in terms of gameplay to separate it from Temple Run and numerous other competitors, it follows in the footsteps of its predecessor well enough that you likely won't notice.


  • One of the most responsive and balanced games in the endless runner genre
  • Tons of creativity in the various power ups
  • Positively overflowing with personality


  • Doesn't add much in the way of new features to the formula

Subway Surfers is a slick endless runner that stands out in a crowded genre.

Subway Surfers is an endless runner for Android devices that’s highly polished and fun to play. It distinguishes itself in a crowded genre and manages to seem different than Temple Run and other high-profile successes all while staying true to what makes the genre so appealing.

For those not familiar with the genre, the goal here is to navigate an avatar along a path while avoiding dead ends. You’ll also be tasked with collecting coins and navigating obstacles as you do. The coin collecting is rewarding in itself — as it was in the Sonic games — and the levels and challenges become increasingly complex as you progress.

In this particular game, you’re a graffiti artist running from a railyard inspector. Most endless runners have lanes and elevation changes, but here, they’re particularly well-defined. You’ll switch between tracks, travel up ramps to get atop cars, travel along and hop between cars even as they’re moving and sometimes jump up onto the telephone wires that run above the trains.

There are numerous levels to play. The themes are based on cities around the world, and the developers have continued to add new levels. The coins you earn can be spent to buy coin magnets, hoverboards, jetpacks and other powerups, and the game integrates social aspects, such as Facebook features and the option to challenge and even assist your friends.


  • Fun endless runner
  • Lane switching and elevation changes
  • Purchase special items


  • None

Subway Surfers is a running game for Android, iOS, and Windows phones.

In Subway Surfers, you take control of a young surfer who has to traverse the many pitfalls in the subway system. You can run into trains, buffers, and carts along your journey. You must also collect special coins along the way to purchase crucial upgrades for your character to further your advancement.

The biggest pluses to the game are that the controls are very easy and the gameplay is simple and addicting. Unfortunately, the concept is also a bit simple as well. However, Subway Surfers is still able to keep you entertained for hours on end.